Quick Tencel scarf

First thing this morning I realized that I have some friends coming over on Friday specifically to see my looms and weaving setup, and also to pick out their choice of scarves for themselves.  But, there’s nothing on my floor loom to show them – oh no!

It just took me a moment to realize I have time to fix that (this being Tuesday).  So, over breakfast I planned the project.  It needed to be:

  • not too wide with relatively simple threading (for a quick start)
  • not too long with relatively simple treadling, so I could have it off the loom in time to start the next project (waiting for backordered yarn)
  • using a structure and yarn I was familiar with (obviously, yarn already in my stash)

I found an interesting point twill structure in the Dixon book (Handweaver’s Pattern Directory) on page 71 (bottom) an decided on variegated 8/2 tencel (blue lake) for the warp and lavender 8/2 tencel for the weft.  196 ends (including 2 each side for floating selvedge and doubled thread on the 4th thread in), 24 ends per inch.  I modified the tie-up (as I do for most) so I can “walk the treadles.”

I wound the warp as I drank my coffee, and had the loom threaded and sleyed by 11:30am.  Whew!


I have been busy the rest of the day, but will have time to weave at least a few inches on this before Friday.  Is this fun, or what??!!!

2 thoughts on “Quick Tencel scarf

  1. Love your blog, Jolyn– you are quite an adventurer! Have been curious about using the varigated color in the warp vs weft. So will be interested to see the effect. My initial thought is that the weave is more weft-dominant, so will pick up more of the lavender which is lovely. So you used two threads for each floating selvedge. I’ve not tried that. Do you get less breakage that way? And did you double thread only the fourth thread in or from the fourth thread in to the edge on either side? I really like that pattern–think I used it on one of my earlier project–before I had the Dixon book.
    Keep it up!!

    • (Finally figured out how to reply…) I didn’t get any breakage with the doubled floating selvedge, but did get some on adjacent threads. I double-threaded only the 4th thread in, and that also seemed to help with the draw-in. I have more to learn on selvedges, though. Fortunately, I don’t claim to be anything but a beginner, still learning my craft. 😎

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