Weaving Guilds

Soon after I started weaving (still on the rigid heddle loom), an acquaintance invited me to a meeting of the local weaving guild.  Well, actually they had changed their name to a textile arts guild, because many members (weavers, all) were also interested in spinning, dyeing, and other fiber arts.  It is a really nice group, with interesting speakers, and the show and tell is inspiring.  When the person who was doing the monthly newsletter needed to let it go, I volunteered to take it on, and people forward me all kinds of interesting info to pass on.

There were several people in the class I took at Richmond Art Center last year who belong to another local weaving guild, but they were all quite experienced, and I thought it would be too advanced for me.  However, with a year of floor-loom weaving under my belt, when I was invited to go to a meeting of this other guild, I was very interested, just to see.  I’m so glad I did!  This is a large, dynamic group, completely focused on weaving.  They had an inspirational speaker, who shared her 53 years of very colorful weaving (see bonietarses.com).  I was right, these are experienced weavers, but very friendly, and they said nice things about the two tencel scarves I brought for show and tell.  And, in order to join this guild you have to bring at least 3 pieces to be juried.  At the meeting I went to there were 4 people who were juried, and their work was very impressive.  The next jurying isn’t until October, so I’ll hope to have some pieces nice enough to get me in!

Two weaving guilds seems like a lot, but I’m going to stay with both.  My original guild, though not entirely weaving-focused, brings in a wide variety of artists as speakers, and I really like my mind (which, heretofore has spent a lot of time with spreadsheets) to be expanded by the very different sensibilities of people who make their life around art.

Wow!  When I took up weaving, I thought it would be a nice pastime.  Now, not only has it taken up my life (and living room), but I am finding creativity I never knew I had, and meeting people who expand my horizons.  What a great life!

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