Off loom and finished!

What an adventure this runner was!

The weaving was rather slow because of the 3-step placement of each weft, but it did go well.  The shocker was when I machine washed the sample woven at the end of the warp, and still got really awful tracking in the plain weave center section.  Not at all attractive.

My only solution was to hand- instead of machine-wash the piece, and that meant it wouldn’t shrink as much as I had planned for.  The piece would be way too long.  I took about 2 inches off each end by pulling out warp threads and re-situating the hemstitching, and I actually like the proportions better that way.  I hand washed as instructed for crabbing in Peggy Osterkamp’s book, and ironed dry, and it did shrink a little.  The center plain weave section will hang off the ends of the table by about 2 inches, but that could be nice.

I’m quite happy with it, and here it is:



There’s a photo in the gallery of the runner on their table.  They loved it!!!!

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