Repurposing, etc.

A while back I took all of my knitted scarves and pulled them apart, winding the yarn in balls to use for weaving.  There was one  with vertical stripes that were knitted lengthwise, so the yarn came off in 20-yard lengths.  A couple of weeks ago I thought it was time to weave this one up.



The 20-yard lengths made easy stripes, both warp and weft, but, the funniest thing was that the yarn had been knitted for so long it was all kinked up.  The warp straightened out pretty well, but you can see the curly ends in the blue and brown weft stripes below.



Ultimately, it all straightened out pretty well in the wet finishing, and I like the result!





Next project was some variegated wool that someone had passed on at a weaving guild meeting.  This yarn had been calling to me for some months, but it had its own challenges.  There were lots of breaks in the warp right off the cone.  Either the yarn had been cut by something or there were moths (fortunately not transferred to me).  However, it worked up into a very nice plaid.



And lastly, I was leaving for a short trip to warmer climes in a few days, and realized I didn’t have a summer-weight scarf, and both looms were busy, so what to do?!  I dug out something I had woven almost 2 years ago – what were supposed to be placemats – with a crammed and spaced structure, but made from crochet thread, so way too flimsy to be used for placemats.


However, there were 3 of them, so maybe I could put them together to make a scarf???  Many square knots later (tying each warp thread to its counterpart on the next “placemat”) it seemed like this might work.



And, it’s kind of cool.  (My first selfie.  There will be a better photo in the gallery when we have a chance to do the next photo shoot.)  Anyway, I’m pleased with this little project, and will do crammed and spaced again.  I like the unpredictability of the look.




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