Spiral weave scarves

Some time ago I found a draft for a spiral weave structure, and I wanted to try it as a graduation gift for a friend.  I would best describe it as a shadow-weave twill, and unfortunately I didn’t save the source.

I’m starting to love working with bamboo, and I had some good colors, so off I went.

The first one I did was turquoise and white.  It’s a nice look, but I need to learn about color combinations.  Maybe the value of the colors is too similar, so there isn’t much contrast.


Also, my perennial tension problem showed up and there were a huge amount of skips, especially near the end of the weaving.  I did a lot of dry finishing to fix them, and in the process noticed a treadling error right in the middle.  Not good enough for a graduation gift, and it didn’t turn out to be her colors anyway.

So on I went with a new color combination in the same structure.  This one is definitely bolder, but again perhaps the color values are too similar, as the green and gold seem to compete with each other for dominance.


Still, this one turned out much better, with NO skips, since I paid closer attention, and I think she’ll be happy with it.

And here they both are – unfortunately with wrinkles from being folded.  I think I should get a steamer…