Rep weave, really

A friend of mine asked me to make her some placemats (to replace some plain weave acrylic ones I had made when I first started weaving – oh, my).  I had seen this structure in a Weaver’s Craft magazine (Issue 19) and was eager to try it to redeem myself from my previous not-rep-weave project.

The warp threads are intended to be farther apart than in most rep weave to let the thick weft show through.  I did this with 8/2 cotton for the thin yarn (warp at 30 epi, and thin weft), and 16/8 (mop) cotton for the thick weft.


It was quite easy and quick.  Fortunately, I had warped enough for 5 placemats, as once I had it all off the loom, there was a strange treading error at the beginning of the first one.  So, that one is my sample, and the 4 go to my friend.  The hemming was pretty easy – there is an inch of plain weave at each end as part of the design, and it just gets folded under twice, and then machine stitched over a thin weft (stitch in the ditch).  I machine washed them in cold water, and hand flattened them before machine drying.  A steam iron did the rest.

P0003c                  P0003b

Nice!  I”ll do more rep weave!

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