Towels in Crackle Weave

Crackle weave has intrigued me since I first heard about it.  I just like the name – it implies action and fun.  So I was thrilled to find instructions (A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton) for crackle weave towels.  Perfect for a holiday gift!!

I’m still such a newbie that I read the threading sequence wrong and the warp stripes didn’t match the warp pattern changes.  So, I moved each thread over one, and that worked out fine.  I suppose I should set up anything complicated in iWeaveit first, just to make sure.

There were several different treading sequences for these towels, and it was really fun to watch this weave up.  I intended to make 4 towels, but ran out of warp, so only got three.  I did the first two with the same treading sequence, but switched the pattern and tabby yarns for the second towel.

T0005a Towel 1 with teal pattern and grey tabby

T0005b Towel 2 with grey pattern and teal tabby

I was surprised how much difference the grey (uninteresting) pattern weft made.  #2 is my least favorite of the three.

For the third towel I used a different treading sequence:

T0005e Towel 3 with teal pattern and grey tabby

I really prefer to put fringe on the ends of my towels because my sewing skills don’t meet my weaving standards.  Initially, these sewn hems looked stretched out of shape, but they relaxed and look fine now.  I machine washed them in hot water and machine dried, and the shrinkage was more than 10% in both directions, but they became quite soft and textured.  They will be absorbent!  I like them!