Wool waffle weave shawl

Some time ago I ordered a bunch of 2/26 wool, not really knowing what I was getting, but it’s been interesting to work with.  I had made a twill shawl out of it (SH003 in green), which was nice, but so flat.  I wanted to see if I could add a little texture, so I tried a 4-shaft waffle weave, threading and weaving 3 threads burgundy, 3 threads light sage (which looks grey in this context).


I got quite a ways into the weaving before I realized I had started with the wrong color.  My intention had been to have the cells outlined in burgundy on one side, and sage on the other, but the outlines got mixed up.  I’m still such a learner…

It did full up a bit in the wet finishing, and has a good drape but is a little stiff.  I think there’s more for me to learn re: wet finishing as well.  Surprisingly, there is some color difference between the two sides, but it’s subtle. I’m pleased with it.




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